General Membership Meeting May 21

CUPE Local 2081
General Membership Meeting – Video Conference
Thursday, May 21, 2015, 11:45am-12:45pm
CC 124A/B Interurban and F 100 Lansdowne


1. Roll Call of Officers
2. Reading of the Equality Statement
3. Initiation of New Members
4. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
5. Business Arising from the Minutes
6. Secretary Treasurer’s Report
7. Membership Report
8. Executive Board Recommendations
By-Law Amendment: 5A. Notice
The date, time and place for all Membership meetings shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board and/or President. As much notices as possible should be given but written, poster and/or electronic notice shall not be less than 48 hours. An Agenda and any Bylaw amendments that will be presented at the meeting shall be distributed electronically or in writing to the membership at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.
9. Executive Board Expenditures
10. Unfinished Business
11. New Business (only if there is quorum)
Motion: That CUPE Local 2081send the President and up to 3 members to the 2015 CUPE National Convention being held in Vancouver, BC from November 02 – 06, 2015 at a cost not to exceed $3000 per delegate for a total cost not to exceed $12,000. 12. Nominations, Elections, or Installations:
13.1 Interurban Campus Steward
13.2 Lansdowne Campus Steward
13.3. Member at Large
13. Good of the Union (announcements, commendations, concerns)
14. Adjournment

You! Plan to attend! Your opinions are important!