Results of the June 2015 Ratification Vote

On June 23, a Special General Meeting was held specifically for the purposes of holding a vote to ratify the July 01, 2014 – June 30, 2019 Collective Agreement Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). 89% of the membership in attendance voted in favour of ratification.

Your new CA is in effect pending ratification from the both the College Board of Governors and the provincial bargaining body (Public Sector Employer’s Association, of which Camosun is a member).

We have been given assurances that both Camosun’s BOG and PSEA will expedite this process so that your new pay rates will be in effect July 01, 2015 (please see the Settlement Package sent out late Monday afternoon).

We gained improvements to wages and PharmaCare Formulary reimbursement, as well as increases to Visions Exams, Dental Plan, Life Insurance & Accidental Death and Dismemberment provisions. We continued to safeguard our Anti-Contracting Out language, Co-Op Student provisions and increased opportunities for Special Employment within the College while ensuring these individuals enjoy all the rights and benefits as recognized under your Collective Agreement.

Please take this opportunity to recognize all of the hard work logged by the Bargaining Committee putting together a Bargaining Proposal package (based on suggestions submitted by you the membership) to present to the employer.

Also, please recognize the members of the Negotiating Committee who sat across from the employer and their bargaining agent from PSEA for 9 long days in total to come to this MOA.

Bargaining Committee :
Jerry Oetting, Ed Nicholas, Ranbir Prihar, Dale Mosher, Earle Thompson, Tony Nelson, Dawn Svendsen

Negotiating Committee:
John Horsfield (CUPE national Staff Rep and Lead Negotiator), Ed Nicholas (Bargaining Chair), Erynne Grant, Dawn Svendsen, Keith Todd, Tony Nelson

Your union will send out a notice once the printed versions of the Collective Agreement are made available, and it will be posted to the CUPE 2081 webpage. Once the new CA is made available, your Executive encourages each and every one of you to have a copy at your desk, locker, or wherever you park your belongings for the day to have for quick reference.

An informed membership is a strong membership. It pays to know your rights and responsibilities under your contract with the employer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Union office or Tony Nelson, President, CUPE Local 2081.