Welcome new employees

During last Thursday Night’s General Meeting, news about our participation in the successful New Employee Welcome Event was shared with the membership. The welcome was held earlier this month, hosted by the College in the Wilna Thomas Cultural Centre at Lansdowne Campus.

Your Vice President, Keith Todd, greeted our members near the end of the half day session, during time set aside for CUPE and representatives from the other employee groups. He provided general information about the overall structure of our Union, and stressed the importance of our membership in all areas of the College community. Also, details about vacation, staff development, breaks during work hours, and the like, were briefly showcased.

At the conclusion of the event, Keith and other members of our Executive met with our new members to greet them, shake their hands, and say “Hello!” Each member received an envelope containing a letter of introduction, their union card, a coupon for a beverage and bakery treat at their campus cafeteria, and a hybrid lily plant.

Currently, the College hosts a welcome event in September and again in February. If you have a new member in your area, please do make them feel welcome!