President Tony Nelson makes a big splash for the United Way!

Did you know a dunk tank takes about two hours to fill up with water? How long do you think it takes to empty it? Into a drain, probably just as long. Onto concrete? A nanosecond!

Tony Nelson, our President, and several other like minded souls, offered brave support for the United Way at the Lansdowne campus on September 18. Eager to top last year’s head shaving rivalry, Tony dunked it out on the tank “hot seat” with Sonja Kennedy, HR Labour Relations Specialist.

Sonja proved to be a formidable opponent, hitting the target three times during Tony’s lofty reign! (Tony must have exhausted his throwing skills at the recent Michael Dunahee Tourney!) Splashes, witty one liners, and screams of laughter, characterized this robust two hour event. Nary a dry eye anywhere!

The event, initiated and organized by Tony, raised approximately three thousand dollars for the United Way. Tony is a big man, with a big voice, and a big message. Prior to taking the hot seat, he told us a little bit about the charity. Then, he put his hand on his chest, cleared his throat, and in a tiny voice, said, “it’s near and dear to my heart.” Nary a dry eye anywhere.