Reports: BC NDP Convention, November 6-8

IMG_20151108_101430_1Keith Todd (L), Michelle Waite (R)

Thank you to the delegates for sending Michelle Waite and I to the BC NDP convention. We, along with 650 other delegate’s gave john Horgan a 95% approval rating as he will be our NDP leader going into the next election. Personally I think John meets all the requirements there is needed to be in a leadership position.

In regards to resolutions things are done a little different at a NDP convention. The resolutions book comes prioritized and in different categories; they were Innovation, Opportunity, Change, Constitution & Party Affairs. Delegates were given the opportunity to debate these resolutions in separate blocks of time. Starting at the first ones listed.

As mentioned by Michelle we were in the comfort of fellow CUPE members most of us who had spent the last week at CUPE National Convention. As well elections were held for Table officers and Executive of note Craig Keating was elected as President, Aaron Eckman was elected as the Vice-President Labour, Paul Faoro as Vice-President (there are six Vice-Presidents elected). Elected to represent Vancouver Island North are Michelle Babcuk and Chantel O’Neill for Vancouver Island South are Darcy Lindberg and Kelly Newhook.

There will be two By-Elections in the New Year one of the Victory speeches was from Melanie Mark who is the Candidate from Vancouver-Mount Pleasant You got the feeling that Melanie will make a great MLA. The other By-Election is in Coquitlam – Burke Mountain candidate to be determined.

In solidarity, and thankful for the opportunity,
Keith Todd Chair – VIDC Political Action Committee

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