Thursday, April 28 – International Day of Mourning

DOM1Every year on April 28, we pause to remember workers killed or injured on the job, and those who still suffer from work-related injury or illness.

CUPE 2081 will mark this day by placing a wreath at the Workers Monument located outside the Paul Building, followed by a minute of silence at 11AM. At Interurban, a wreath will be laid at the base of the flagpole at 11AM, followed by a minute of silence to recognize the 182 workers killed or injured on the job in BC during 2015. Also, there will be a Day of Mourning Ceremony on the front steps of the Legislature at 11AM.

DOMPOSTERWEBOn this day, we stand in solidarity with workers around the world, share a collective sense of loss, and are reminded that we must always be vigilant with our prevention efforts.

Unions bargain for health and safety rules to prevent these tragedies, and your Health and Safety Committee works diligently to make sure our workplace is a safe workplace.

Through diligence in the workplace and political action in our communities, we pursue laws and regulations to protect workers and we make sure those laws are enforced.

On April 28, we ask all CUPE members to pause and remember our sisters and brothers who have lost their lives at work, since the last Day of Mourning.

Here is a link to a message from our National President, Mark Hancock:

Renewing our commitment to safer workplaces

Do you have a workplace hazard or safety issue to report? Contact a Shop Steward, the Health & Safety Committee, or the CUPE Office.

This message has been sent to you on behalf of your CUPE 2081 Communications Team and your CUPE 2081 Health and Safety Committee.