The Triangle Factory Fire Project

One afternoon in 1911, 146 people – mostly young, immigrant women, some as young as 14 – died in one of the worst industrial tragedies in U.S. history. Using words spoken by real people of the time, this play dramatically traces the events and the labor and safety problems that led up to the fire, the horror of the fire itself, and the trial of the factory owners.  Still relevant in today’s world, given recent headlines, this is a “searing play, which reminds us why theatre exists” (The New York Post).

WHERE:  1701 Elgin Road in Oak Bay – upstairs in the Performance Hall, off the central courtyard.

WHEN: Thursday March 2nd at 2 pm, Friday March 3rd at 7:30 pm, Saturday March 4th at 2 pm

There will be a brief celebration of International Women’s Day after the Saturday performance. Please book early – we expect this to sell out quickly.

Book your tickets here and please don’t hesitate to invite others! (not recommended for ages under 13 yrs)