Healthy Starts for Shelbourne Community Kitchen

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen was formed to provide support for those in our community who lack adequate access to healthy food.

Their mission is to assist people living on a low income in increasing their food security through learning and working together in a supportive community.


Project Snapshot:

Healthy Starts is a community-based, intergenerational food literacy program. Families of all kinds work together from garden to kitchen to table.

Families come to the Shelbourne Community Kitchen once a week for three hours and three consecutive weeks in a row. The kitchen is seeking funding to provide families with food and garden supplies as well as guidance and childcare.

Each session families will learn several recipes and take home food for the rest of the week. Older children will be included in the food preparation and gardening learning as well.

In the Shelbourne community too many families face food security issues, moreover access to local healthy food and gardening opportunities should be accessible for all families.


Program Goals:

To create an inclusive and accessible program environment where family members can increase their level of food security by:

  • Learning to grow and care for a vegetable garden (containers or yard)
  • Preparing nutritious meals during sessions for take home
  • Practicing and developing the food skills of every member of the family, to encourage intergenerational participation in food preparation at home
  • Connecting families with food and gardening resources that can support their efforts (e.x. Fruit Tree Project, seed library etc.)
  • Encouraging seasonal eating and practicing food preservation techniq
  • Participants meet other families, socialize and build connections
  • Upstream preventative program that addresses food security and environmentally ethical practice
  • Strength-based and family centred facilitations teaching and practice from our staff and volunteers
  • Education for the next generation


Healthy Starts is looking to source the following donations, which would be very beneficial to their program:

  • Kids size Garden Tools:  spades, 2 hand rakes, 2 square shovels
  • Family Packs of Tupperware 1 set/family @ 10 families
  • Kids size Kitchen Equipment approx.
  • washable tablecloths x 2

Crafts tote:

Stamps and Ink, Finger paints, non-toxic, ,Poster paints (non-toxic), Brushes, sponges, Construction paper, Wrapping paper, Safety Scissors, Glue sticks, Origami paper, Flipchart paper, Crayons, Markers, Colouring books, Bead set, yarn, string.

Sports tote:

Jump ropes, Velcro balls, ping pong, All purpose balls, Sidewalk chalk, Bubbles, Badminton set.

Learning/Play tote:

● Science books, Dinosaur books, Little Kid Books, Blocks and Letters, Flash cards, Lego, Dress up costumes, Imagination Toys, Board Games, monopoly etc, Cards, Chess

Please contact:

Shelbourne Community Kitchen