United Way 50/50 draw


We’re nearing the end of Camosun’s 2017 United Way Campaign. Like every year, there is a fundraising challenge between CUPE, CCFA and Exempt working groups at the College. This year’s challenge: which employee group team can sell the most 50/50 tickets?

Here’s the tragic truth, brothers and sisters – CUPE lost the first round of this challenge. We didn’t only lose, we came in dead last. Luckily, we have another chance! The next draw is this week, on Thursday, Dec 7. We can race like a dark horse from the back of the pack and emerge victorious!

Tickets are only $2.00 each. The more we sell, the better chance CUPE has to win this challenge. Plus, the more tickets you buy, the better chance your chance to win the 50/50 draw. And more tickets sold means more money raised for the United Way, so everyone wins! Note: the tickets you purchased for the previous draw do not count. You have to buy fresh tickets!

Get your tickets from:

The next and FINAL game draw is on Dec 7 at 2pm. Click the rules. Please contact Naji Yazdi if you have any questions.

Good luck!