CUPE 2081 helps with CamFest festivities

On Tuesday, September 8, along with many other volunteers, CUPE 2081 was pleased to offer a helping hand to the Camosun College Student Society during CamFest at Lansdowne. Condiments, boxes full of snacks, and cool liquids were the call of the day, under the clinical command of Tagg and Christine, organizers extraordinaire! Students, guests, and employees mingled in the concourse, enjoying food, visiting booths, and having a great time! CUPE 2081 is looking forward to having our own booth next year!

At the Interurban CamFest on Thursday, September 10, CUPE BC generously provided their trailer for our Executive and other members of your local to share swag, literature, and other information about the work we do throughout the College community. Got a registration problem? We can help. Is your classroom clean? Are the visual displays working? Was it booked properly? We did that. On those frosty mornings, pathways are de-iced, buildings are warm, and compost, paper, recycle and garbage bins eagerly await contributions. Thank you, custodians! (Their day can begin very early!) Delivering, printing, selling, advising, rewiring, raking, weeding, painting, trimming, processing, ordering, we do it all!

Were you able to squeeze some volunteer time into your busy schedule? Or a visit to the festivities? Please consider joining us at next year’s CamFest events!