General Meeting – October 20 video-conference, both campuses


Please review the documents for this lunchtime General Meeting, including the 2017 CUPE National Convention Report from your delegates. We will meet in LACC 121 (Interurban) and WT 201 (Lansdowne), 12-1pm.

2017.10.20 Agenda – October General Meeting Agenda

2017.06.22 Minutes – June General Meeting

2017.10 CUPE National Convention Report


101217 Executive_Report – Communications Officer

Report to BOG – September 2017 (Todd)

Report to BOG – November 2017 (Barclay)

Please note the meeting will be held by way of videoconferencing, courtesy of our wonderful Audio-Visual Department!

We would be pleased to see you there.

Thank you,



Dawn Svendsen  l  Chief Shop Steward/Office Coordinator
CUPE Local 2081